With the highest concentration of multinational perfume and skin-care brands, Europe is a competitive and innovative market. A new supply chain that reduces energy, raw materials and packing waste, while offering innovative and luxurious products, is becoming the standard. It is thanks to that collective effort that our catalogue includes models that are constantly evolving to be manufactured with a lower carbon foot print and composed with 100% natural  and/or recyclable forever materials.

If sustainability is a key to your product development and Brand's values, we can supply you with packaging and fragrance options that are manufactured respecting the strictest environmental and sustainability standards. 


Wood is Organic and Contemporary. Adding a Luxurious Feel and Finish to your product. It is easily adapted to Specific Shapes. The wood that is used for our caps comes from sustainably managed and legally harvested forests. 

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Our Glass bottles are exclusive, recyclable forever and manufactured in Europe. The majority of our catalogue has been manufactured with green energy, as a part of an ongoing resource and waste management program aimed at reducing the carbon foot print of each model.

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Aluminium is lightweight and recyclable forever, contributing to the success of the ALL-OVER SPRAY segment. The aluminium bottles that we feature in our catalogue are all manufactured in Europe respecting the strictest environmental standards of the industry.

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For years, we have been working in collaboration with a team of perfumers to develop a range of Natural Fragrances. Compounded from natural ingredients (Essential Oils, Absolutes/ Concretes and Isolas), our natural collection responds to one of the fastest growing segments of the industry, the natural and organic segment. 

With its B to B approach the Natural Made in France collection, has been developed to bring you edge and originality. All our compositions have been designed to ensure scent definition, stability and lasting. From small to large scale orders, all our creations are IFRA and EU compliant, providing you with the opportunity to export your creativity worldwide.

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