Manufactured in Europe and recyclable forever our ALUMINIUM CANS are trendy and well established amongst Fragrance and Cosmetic brands. They can be used for products ranging from Eau de Parfum through to All-Over Spray, Skin Care and Home Fragrance. They represent a SUSTAINABLE option with a range of contemporary and minimalist designs whilst offering a very light weight alternative with great product integrity.

Additionally, our ALUMINIUM CANS offer a full range of customization techniques:

Patented Registered Shaping technology offers a full customisation of the can, to differentiate your brand from the existing shapes and improve the ergonomics of your products. 

Worldwide patented Embossing and Deep Embossing technology guarantee authenticity of your products and protect against counterfeit with a deep logo embossed.

Hot Stamping gives your packaging a prestigious finish, enhances your brand image with multiple foil colours.

Special Finishes allow you to create a tactile pattern effect and combine matt and gloss finishes on the same can.

All our cans are available in 4 openings: 1 Inch, FEA 15, FEA 20 and Screw Neck.