AF 5135 s

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We understand that there’s no better assurance, of the quality of our products, than to have a physical sample to help your decision making process.

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Part No : AF 5135
Origin : United Kingdom/Spain
Neck Size : FEA 15
Height (mm) : 13.5
Fixation : Crimp
Material : Aluminium
Color : Black , Gold , Silver
Qty/Box : 6,800
Net Weight (kg) : 6.5
Gross Weight (kg) : 7
Box Dimension (cm) : 39 x 30 x 25 cms
Qty / Pallet : 250,000
Box / Pallet : 50
Pallet Dimension (cm) : 120 x 80 x 140
Gross Weight / Pallet (kg) : 240
Estimated Departure time : In Stock